OMV Global

Product solutions

We offer comprehensive product and price solutions that are customized, flexible and efficient.

Our partners call for flexible models for individual requirements and we are happy to oblige. We always focus on our customers' needs and develop tailor-made solutions.

Comprehensive advice and customer focus are a key part of our philosophy, which is why your OMV GAS Key Account Manager will work with you to determine the best price model for you.

And, as a good price decision is based on active and continuous observation of the market, our OMV GAS analysts make daily forecasts on the basis of our internal market assessment.

Do you want absolute cost certainty? Then choose a fixed price based on the market at the time you enter into the agreement. Regardless of how much the market prices, market behaviour, temperature or other price drivers change after this point, you will only pay the agreed price for your natural gas.

We distinguish between:

  • A fixed price for a nominal amount
  • A fixed price in the form of an individually determined tranche model with or without volume flexibility

The advantages are clear: you benefit from planning and budget security as well as minimized risk.

With this model, the price changes depending on market developments. When the contract is entered into a formula is determined, which is linked to previously agreed index prices. If these index prices fall or rise, your formula-based price will also fall or rise, meaning you are directly participating in market developments.

We come to a mutual agreement on a formula-based price. In addition, you can negotiate fixed prices for specific periods of time and quantities. The advantages are that you benefit from falling index prices, make the most of a flexible procurement strategy that is tailored to your needs and can actively manage your risk thanks to the combination of fixed and formula-based prices.

If you would like to spread the price risk of procurement more broadly and fix the amounts to be procured in percent, then the OMV GAS tranche model is the right choice for you. You can choose whether to fix the entire forecast amount for a specific period defined in advance in multiple tranches or whether to leave part of the amount open to the latest market prices.