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Declarations relevant for energy tax

When you purchase energy, you need to pay energy tax. As a business customer, you may sometimes be entitled to a different energy tax rate. Here, you will find the most common tax declarations for requesting reduction or exemption.

The government levies energy tax to incentivise everyone to use energy as frugally as possible.

At the beginning of each new year, the government sets the rate of the energy tax. How much tax you need to pay as a business depends on the amount of energy that you use. You might be entitled to exemption from or reduction of your energy tax. Are you a customer of ours? Use the tax declarations below to apply for such reduction or exemption.

Send your completed declaration to:

The authorities then decide whether you are entitled or not based on the Environmental Taxes Act (ETA, section on energy tax).

Download declarations energy tax

Maandelijkse opgaaf gas verbruik anders dan als brandstof versie 2023 (PDF, 466,4 KB)
Maandelijkse opgaaf Metallurgische en Mineralogische Proced├ęs versie 2023 (PDF, 466,4 KB)
Maandelijkse Opgaaf WKK Verbruik OMV GAS 2023 (PDF, 464,3 KB)
Tuinbouwverklaring OMV GAS 2023 (PDF, 1,3 MB)
Verklaring Blokverwarming OMV GAS (PDF, 117,4 KB)
Verklaring CNG-vulstation OMV GAS (PDF, 117,8 KB)
Verklaring Doorlevering Gas OMV GAS  (PDF, 117,0 KB)
Verklaring levering gas voor gebruik anders dan als brandstof OMV GAS 2023 (PDF, 508,0 KB)
Verklaring Metallurgische en Mineralogische Proced├ęs OMV GAS 2023 (PDF, 832,8 KB)
WKK Verklaring OMV GAS 2023 (PDF, 718,4 KB)